Adoption Awareness Month


Every child deserves a family to call their own. They need to know who will be there for them long term, where they will live and who will take care of them. A sense of permanence and stability are critical to a child’s well-being and development. When that cannot be achieved with their birth family, adoption may become an option.

Every child is unique and every family has something to offer. Our goal is to find the right family for each child. If you are looking to enrich your family through adoption, or if you are considering placing your child for adoption, contact Family and Children’s Services. We can help.

As the community’s public adoption agency, FACS provides adoption services free of charge. We are seeking families who can provide a loving, stable and permanent home to children in need. We provide a comprehensive application and orientation process, as well as post adoption support services.

We place children of all ages and with a variety of needs. These days we are successfully placing many older children, sibling groups and those with special needs. In some cases, financial assistance is available to help with the costs of meeting the children’s needs.

Our adoption applicants also represent a diverse group. Some are married, single, gay, straight or lesbian. They may have no children or they may already have a family. They come from all backgrounds and cultures. Do not exclude yourself from considering adoption because you feel that you don’t fit the traditional profile.

Adoption is a legal process, which establishes a permanent parent-child relationship. The adoption application process is very thorough and includes a medical exam, police checks, a number of references and a series of interviews and home visits. There is also an extensive training and orientation program. Once a family is approved, the search begins both internally and with other agencies.

When a potential match is made, there are some introductory visits to establish the compatibility of the child and family. Once a child is placed, there is a probation period and regular visits by a child protection worker until the adoption is finalized by the court, making the child legally part of the family.

We encourage anyone considering adoption to read about and research the subject as thoroughly as possible. Consider all your options including public adoption through FACS or children’s aid, private and international adoption. And contact your local children’s aid or Family and Children’s Services for more information.

Adoption helps to create many wonderful and unique families. If you are hoping to enrich your life and that of a child in need, consider adoption.

Adoption in Ontario