Adoption Stories

Neil’s Story:

Neil came into care at the age of 9 with significant physical, medical and developmental concerns. Despite his many struggles, he fit in beautifully with his foster family and they fell in love with him. By the time Neil was 13, adoption proceedings were nearly completed and Neil has since become a permanent member of the family.

Though Neil has thrived in their care, the family understands there may be future challenges and love Neil for who he is. He enjoys contact with some members of his birth family who, seeing how Neil has thrived, are happy for this new beginning for Neil.

Neil's Adoption Story

Liam’s Story:

Already parents to a happy six-year-old boy, Terry and Bob felt they had room for one more. That “one more” was Liam! Now 3 years old, Liam came into care as a newborn and was made eligible for adoption by the court. Soon after, he was placed with Terry and Bob, and his new big brother, Michael. Despite a four-year age difference, the boys are close and enjoy plenty of outdoor time on the family’s small farm where they feed the ducks, climb trees and greet the neighbours’ horses every day! All the active play has strengthened Liam’s motor skills and coordination, and his confidence and communication skills continue to blossom thanks to the love and patience of his family.

Liam's Adoption Story

Nathan’s Story:

Fifteen-month-old Nathan came into care as a newborn. Kathy and John were already the adoptive parents of Nathan’s older sister and were very excited to be considered as parents for Nathan, especially as it meant that the siblings could grow up together. Although unable to confirm status or band affiliation, Nathan’s adoptive father also shares an Indigenous heritage and Nathan currently participates in cultural practices and events.

Because of prenatal substance exposure, Nathan receives developmental services and is progressing well, meeting or nearly meeting his expected milestones. Nathan and his sister have other siblings in the area. Kathy and John have connected with these families and are committed to facilitating a relationship between the siblings when the time is right.

His big smile and charming personality have completely won over his parents and Nathan is blessed with a loving adoptive family who appreciate the importance of preserving his culture and relationship with his birth siblings.

Nathan's Adoption Story