Adoption Awareness Month Recognizes Need for Permanency

Every November, Adoption Awareness Month reminds us of the importance of permanency and the positive impact it can have on a child’s life. It’s a time to reflect on how beneficial adoption could be to a child or youth and celebrate families who have come together through adoption.

Permanency can come in many forms: through adoption, kinship, or customary care. Every child and situation are unique, so different pathways towards permanency are considered to best meet the needs of a child or youth. It’s important to ensure that children and youth are placed into supportive homes.

“Every child deserves a loving home to call their own, and our goal is to ensure that, if necessary, children are paired with adoptive families who can meet all of their needs,” says Michelle Bernard, Director of Service at FACS Niagara. “Permanency can mean adoption, kinship or other routes, but regardless of how it’s found, permanency means that a child will be in their forever home with a loving family that supports their wellbeing.”

Throughout the adoption process, supporting children and youth to maintain and strengthen connections to their cultural identity is so important. FACS Niagara is focused on ensuring that children and youth are brought into supportive homes, and that they are paired with families who share their diverse identities or can adapt to keep a child connected to their traditions. Adoptive families are very diverse, representing various backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.

Since March of this year, FACS has finalized 12 adoptions, with an additional 27 adoptions in the finalization process. Many children and youth in care have also found permanency through kinship and other processes.

Adoption is an important decision, and those who are interested should be educated and informed of the process. FACS hosts monthly adoption information sessions which can be booked by calling the organization at 905-937-7731. As the region’s public adoption agency, our services are free of charge.

In recognition of Adoption Awareness Month, FACS will be hosting an in-person event; Embracing and Enhancing Children’s Cultural Connections. The event will take place on November 22.

Adoption and other forms of permanency can be a rewarding and life-changing opportunity for a family.