During the month of November, FACS Niagara honoured Adoption Awareness Month as a time that reminded us of the importance of permanency and openness, and the positive impact that this has on children and youth in our community. During this month, we also celebrated adoptive families, and the incredible journey adoption brings.

Adoption Awareness Month provided FACS Niagara and other Ontario Children’s Aid Societies an opportunity to raise awareness and educate the public about the crucial role adoption plays in a child’s life. Ensuring permanency and stability is vital for a child’s development, meaning that sometimes the best way to bring permanency to a child is through adoption.

Between April 1, 2022 and Nov. 2, 2023, the agency has finalized 36 adoption placements in the Niagara region, with another 19 adoptions awaiting finalization.

“Our agency is dedicated to developing life-long connections and supports for children and youth in our community,” says Michelle Bernard, Director of Service at FACS Niagara. “Our primary objective is to ensure that children are matched with stable, permanent homes that encourage openness and development.”

The theme of this year’s Adoption Awareness Month was Openness. Openness plays a significant role in adoption as it helps children and youth understand their story and is essential for them to maintain important connections to their community and cultures.

In recognition of this year’s theme, FACS hosted an event on Nov. 21 called Openness and Creating Lifelong Connections. A panel of six knowledgeable individuals recounted heartful lived experiences with adoption. The panelists spoke about the benefits of openness in an adoptive family, not only for the child(ren) but also for families, and how the rewards of openness are a lot greater than the initial fears. With 35 attendees, guests were able to walk away with a rich understanding of what openness means in adoption, strategies on how to navigate challenges, and helpful resources for adoptive parents.

Adopting a child or youth is a life-changing experience and should be a well educated and informed decision. To learn more about adopting with FACS Niagara, please call 905-937-7731.