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Adoption Fast Facts

  • FACS is Niagara’s public adoption agency
  • Our adoption services are free of charge
  • We support both families looking to adopt and parents considering placing a child for adoption

At FACS Niagara, we believe every child deserves a family to call their own. In cases where a child’s birth family can’t achieve that critical sense of permanency and stability, adoption may become an option.

Our team of experienced staff works tirelessly to find the right family for each child. Whether you’re a family looking to enrich your lives with the addition of a new child or a parent considering placing your child for adoption, we are here to support you on your journey.

Let’s address some of the questions and concerns you may have about the adoption process.

The time for each placement varies to allow for the best matching of a child with a family. The more open a family is to the age and type of child they would consider the less time it may take.

The children available for adoption through FACS have come into our care due to child protection concerns and are now permanently in our care, and by order of the court, will not be returning to their families of origin. We also work with pregnant individuals who have chosen adoption for their children. These children are of all ages and may or may not have special needs, health or behavioural concerns. We also have a number of sibling groups. We find that with committed families, these children thrive.

Public adoption through FACS and other children’s aid societies is not costly at all. FACS covers legal, administrative, and home study costs.

Yes. Many families who already have children decide to expand their families through a FACS adoption.

Our adoption applicants represent our population, which means they are married and single, gay and straight and from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. Do not exclude yourself from considering adoption because you feel that you don’t fit the traditional “family” profile.

Adoption is a legal process that establishes a permanent parent-child relationship, so the application process is extensive. It includes a medical exam, police checks, several references and a series of interviews and home visits. There is also a comprehensive training and orientation program. Once a family is approved, the search begins both internally and with other agencies.

When a potential match is made, there are some introductory visits to establish the compatibility of the child and family. Once a child is placed, there is a probation period and regular visits by a child protection worker until the adoption is finalized by the court, legally making the child a part of that family.

Birth parents can be involved in selecting the family they would like to adopt their child. Values, lifestyle, education and heritage may be some of the characteristics they would like to consider. There is a growing movement toward openness in adoption.

Do you have some examples of adoptions that you’ve administered here in Niagara?

Yes, and your Resource Workers will be happy to share some with you. Here are just a few.

What’s the next best step if I’m interested in learning more about adopting through FACS?

  • Contact us at 905-937-7731
  • Read this Adoption In Ontario pamphlet to learn more about the process and your three options for adopting in Ontario.
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