Supporting Youth in Their Transition to Independence

FACS Youth Service Fast Facts

  • The New Outlooks and Beginnings Program supports youth aged 15 – 21
  • Ongoing programming direction is provided by our FACS Youth Advisory Committee

As the youth in our care begin their transition to independence, preparing them for that journey is critical. Our New Outlooks and Beginnings program is designed to help encourage positive life choices during this important time.

Let’s address some of the questions you may have about the services FACS offers for youth in our care.

What kind of support is available through FACS as children transition from foster care to living independently in the community?

FACS offers a range of support for youth in our care as they prepare to set out on their own, including assistance with setting up their household, teaching essential life skills they’ll need when living on their own, and helping them establish goals and crisis management techniques.

What life skills do you teach youth to ensure they’re prepared to live on their own?

The life skills taught in our New Outlooks and Beginnings program include banking, budgeting, filing taxes, grocery shopping, cooking and more.

How can I support the New Outlooks and Beginnings program?

Whether you’d like to provide financial support, donate learning resources or volunteer your time, we’d love your help. Contact us at 905-937-7731

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