Summer Safety Tips

Tip #1

Stay cool in the heat. Minimize time in the sun between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm, when the temperature is at its highest. Drink lots of water, find public drinking fountains or bring water with you during your outings. Also, find shade to prevent direct sun exposure and wear light-coloured clothing to help reflect the sun’s UV and UVB rays.

Tip #2

Beware of ticks. Protect yourself, your children and your pets by wearing light coloured clothing to help spot ticks, and do a daily full body check after coming in from the outdoors. Visit to learn about types of ticks in Niagara, how to remove ticks and where to submit a tick for testing.

Tip #3

Be careful what you post online. Don’t post on social media that you’re going away on vacation, especially your location. Thieves can use this to determine when you’re not home. Also, be sure to discuss online safety with your children.

Tip #4

Never leave a child inside a parked vehicle. Bring your child (or children) with you while shopping and running errands, or leave your child at home with someone you trust. Be sure your car’s air conditioning is in working order to prevent overheating while driving.

Tip #5

Swim safely. Be responsible when swimming with your child and stay nearby, within arm’s reach. There is no substitute for constant supervision. Never leave to answer the phone or for any other momentary distraction.

Tip #6

Wear the right helmet. Specific helmets for different activities are designed to provide protection where it’s needed the most. The additional cushioning could save your life and your child’s life in the case of a fall. Ensure the helmet is up to safety standards and is the correct size for whoever wears it.

Tip #7

Drive safe. Ensure children are buckled-up properly while in the car, even for short trips. And remember, the back seat is always the safest place for children.

Tip #8

Stay indoors during thunderstorms. If outside, take shelter in a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing or metal-roofed vehicle. Stay inside 30 minutes or more after the last rumble of thunder.

Tip #9

Avoid the bugs. Wear light-coloured clothing to attract less mosquitoes, and stay indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. For further protection, be sure to apply registered insect repellents containing DEET as directed.

Tip #10

Keep food fresh. Make sure to put food in the fridge promptly, never leave it out for more than 2 hours. Be sure to keep your fridge at the right temperature (4 degrees C). Use a thermometer to make sure the fridge is at the right temperature. Also, always remember to clean up after you’ve made a meal; bugs are abundant in the summertime.

Tip #11

Pack an emergency kit. Always keep an emergency kit containing: food, water, a flashlight, wind up radio, and a manual can opener. Refrain from using perishable food items. Keep a kit at home and in your car, and be sure to replace items taken out of the kit.
Learn how to put together an emergency kit: