Tailored Childcare to Help ALL Children Succeed

 FACS Childcare Fast Facts

  • Quality childcare available at two St. Catharines locations
  • Full-day, half-day, and before-school and after-school programming
  • Subsidies may be available

Let’s answer some of the questions you may have about childcare available through FACS.

Where does FACS offer childcare in Niagara?

We have two childcare centres which are both located in St. Catharines. Both centres are licensed by the Ministry of Education through the Childcare and Early Years Act.

Western Hill Child Care Program

Location: Edith Cavell School, 1 Monck Street, St. Catharines
Hours: 7 am – 6 pm
Ages accepted: 1.5 – 12
Contact number: (905) 684-6288

Bunting Child Care Program

Location: Lincoln Centennial School, 348 Scott Street, St. Catharines
Hours: 8 am – 5:30 pm
Ages accepted: 2 – 6
Contact number: (905) 937-0170

Are spaces at these FACS-run centres only available for children who are already associated with FACS in some way?

No, we welcome all children and offer safe, inclusive programming tailored to each child’s individual needs to help them succeed.

How can I get my child into one of the two FACS childcare programs?

We accept direct referrals from parents and other professionals. Call the Centre that you’d like your child to attend to learn how to apply.

Are subsidies available for parents who need assistance covering childcare costs?

Yes, subsidies are available for eligible families through the Niagara Region, which provides 100% of the funding for our childcare programming.

How do you keep parents informed about their child’s experience while they are in your care?

We send a daily communication to parents via email that includes a summary of their child’s time with us with details like their nutrition intake, nap schedule and photos.

What if my child has special needs?

Our inclusive programming could be an excellent fit for your child. We work closely with Niagara Region Resource Consultants and can help you with referrals for support like speech pathology, occupational therapy and more.

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