COVID-19 Updates

Important Notice

FACS Niagara is continuing to serve the Niagara region throughout the COVID pandemic. We are open and available to assist families who may be experiencing challenges during this time.

If anyone has a concern about the safety and/or well-being of a child or youth under 18 in Niagara, call us anytime. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 905-937-7731, or toll free at 1-888-937-7731.

Counselling services continue to be available through our Family Counselling Centre (FCC). To reach the staff at the centre, please call 905-937-7731 ext. 3345.

We’re Here to Help
A message from FACS Niagara

Ongoing for nearly two years now, COVID continues to challenge us all. Our team is committed to keeping the families, children, and youth safe as we provide essential services to help our community.

We have been providing service since day one of the pandemic and supporting our families, children, and youth safely remains our highest priority.

With the rise of the Omicron variant, we are redoubling our efforts to keep everyone healthy. Our team follows all public health advice to prevent transmission. Measures we are taking include:

  • Screening for COVID prior to beginning work and when we arrive for in-person visits with families
  • Wearing personal protective equipment
  • Physical distancing
  • Regular hand hygiene
  • Requiring all team members to be fully vaccinated against COVID as of January 28, 2022
  • Maintaining connections virtually when possible

To limit our contacts, we are maximizing remote work arrangements for our team. Our team can be reached via phone or emailing your service worker.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We’ve come this far by sticking together as a community and we will continue to get through these challenging times by following public health advice, looking out for one another, and being kind.

Thank you.